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I searched for an easy to use software to maintain a homepage, with the ability to easily create content. The keyword you encounter in this context is CMS (content management system), and its subtype WebLogs/Blogs.

After evaluating different blogging (e.g. Google Blogger) and CMS software (e.g. joomla) with free usage, I finally decided to go with the self-hosted version of WordPress under (there is also a hosted version under

The setup is as easy as described under

  • Choose a hosting provider  (or provide your own server) with PHP (at least 5.2.4) and MySQL (at least 5.0)
  • Set up a database in MySQL
  • Download WordPress and modify wp-config.php with your data
  • Upload to your server with a FTP client, e.g. FileZilla
  • call

That’s it! Now the configuration starts… but with help of Google you can achieve it :-) though it’s time consuming :-(

First things I did:

  • choose a theme, installed it through the wp-admin console, that’s easy
  • I didn’t like that my admin-eMail was exposed, so I deleted these parts in the theme templates
  • if you want an avatar for your account, then you have to register at and upload an image
  • finally I wrote this…